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Now that you know how to figure out the price of gold, it's time to find out where you can buy gold. Firstly you need to ask yourself why it is that you wish to buy gold in the first place. Do you want to buy gold to invest? Do you want to buy gold as a safe haven? Are you looking at buying gold as a way to diversify some of your assets? Once you figure out what is the reason why, you can then be better off in making a decision on which route to take with your gold purchase.

When people do decide to buy gold they will most times look at buying gold coins. Gold coins seem to be a favorite for most gold investors and gold collectors. They are easy to buy and easy to sell in case of needed cash. Most gold coins are recognizeable and easy to put a value on. Gold bars or gold ingots on the other hand can be looked at as being not offical because they are not as common. Most gold coins are minted by government mints. This adds a more positive aspect on the purchase. People have a safe feeling when buying from a govenment mint. The US Mint turns out thousands of gold eagles every year. These gold eagle coins are snapped up by eager collector and investors alike. Same as Canada with the Gold Maple Leaf or the South African Krugerrand. When buying gold coins you will sometimes find that you are paying a premium over the spot price of gold. That can be disturbing but remember that you will most likely get that premium back when you sell gold coins.

Another way to buy gold is to buy gold ingots or you can even buy gold bars. These chunks of gold can vary from half an ounce to over 100 ounces of gold. Buying gold in large bars costs a lot of money and you must be careful to make sure that the bar you are buying has been assayed and has a record of authenticity. You may think that you are buying a bar of .999% gold but if you come to sell that same bar you might find out that the bar of gold is less than the .999% purity. This is the reason that coins are the best way to buy gold. They are too small to forge as the coins are once again, measured by weight.

Aside from buying gold in a physical sense you can also buy gold in what is called paper gold. This would be gold futures, gold stock, gold mining stocks, gold exchange traded funds, better known as ETF's and even gold certificates. Most people though would rather buy gold in a physical form.

You can buy gold almost anywhere. You can buy gold online from various vendors, from sellers on eBay and from the mints themselves. You can also buy gold coins as most most coin and stamp shops and you can sometimes get a fair deal too. Places like Kitco allow you to buy gold that stays in a pool. You can buy just a little bit at a time. Myself, I have been buying gold by the gram online with Bullion Vault which allows me to buy as little as one gram of gold at a time. This has proved out well as whenever I got a little bit of money set aside I would transfer it over to my gold account and when the price of gold dropped I could then buy the dip and accumulate a bit more gold.